Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Somethings Changes!!

Changes. There are somethings have change since coming home. first thing that i notice is, i will become sleepy earlier than when at universiti, coz at 10pm i already feel sleepy at home. huhu..
If at university, 12am it the time that i will felt sleepy. i don`t know why, maybe it is really2 boring at home or i`m too tired. but if too tired, i don`t know what i did that make me tired. =)

Secondly, at 3am every morning, i will wake up. why?? i also don`t know, but then i will sleep again. But usually at university i still do not sleep at 3am.

I think i want to find work, but i don`t really want to find it this week, bcoz i really want to relax this week. a week of freedom after a semester of hell. =p


  1. xleh tdo..mu psing flat a...bru mangat...hahahahhaa